Exercise Review: Yoga Booty Ballet – Baby on the Way

Well I’m three days into a new prenatal exercise program – Yoga Booty Ballet, Baby on the Way.  I have got to admit that I have done quite a few prenatal programs over the course of three pregnancies (pilates, yoga, etc.) and this one is my favorite by far.  Most prenatal programs focus on flexibility and relaxation while connecting with your baby.  Those are wonderful things, but being a mother is also about being strong.

I LOVE that the women are all in their late second or third trimesters.

The routine starts off with a group intention that focuses the workout on you and your baby. I like that it’s not only for first time mothers, but that those expanding their role as a mother are included. You’re encouraged to take it at your own pace during the program, while still pushing yourself. During one move she says “If you want to stop now, don’t. Breathe into it and remember your intention.”  While pregnant you shouldn’t let your heart rate get above 140 – this is to protect your baby and you. The moves in this program keep your heart rate low while still building strength.  There;s a large portion that works your arms, and having two little ones, I can tell you that upper body strength is incredibly important for moms.  Baby on the Way points out that the more you do now the easier it will be to get your body back after the baby.  How true!  Getting fit after it’s over is very important, for me and for my baby.

There are definitely some things that are outside of my comfort zone here – The Funky Mama March and the Solid Gold Move.  I’m a confident woman, but dancing is not where I feel at home.  I decided that I was going to just jump in and go with it, not hold back.  It really helps that this is a program that involves me alone in my living room or with my kids.  Inhibition isn’t so much of a problem when you’re not in front of a group!  There are yoga moves incorporated in the routine, some weights and lots of focus on connecting with the new life growing in there.

At $25, Baby on the Way comes at a reasonable price.  If you think that it’s something you’d like to try, check out this site http://beachbodycoach.com/movingmama where you can try it out yourself, just click on the “shop” link in the center of the pate, then on Yoga Booty Ballet on the sidebar and scroll down to find Baby on the Way. I’m excited to see how this affects birth and recovery with baby #3.  I’ll keep you updated and please if you’ve tried this program, let me know what you think.

Here’s a message from  Teigh McDonough, the creator of this program:

My gift to all mothers-to-be.

There is nothing that more perfectly embodies the goddess than the process of pregnancy and being a beautiful mother. With Baby On the Way, you will care for each new curve in your body. In just 30 minutes a day, you can keep your body strong, limber, and toned during your pregnancy. I will help you gently warm your muscles and lead you through a cardio and light resistance routine. I will then take you through stretches designed to ease you through your body’s natural changes.

Staying fit during your pregnancy is not only important to feeling good, it’s beneficial for your baby’s health and your swift return to your pre-pregnancy figure.

Set your natural worries aside and have glorious fun as you gently dance with grace and ease—doing fluid moves that feel good with a bit of fun in the Funky Mama March and Solid Gold—and finish with focused, stress-busting meditation.

Enjoy your journey into motherhood. Love your baby. Love yourself. You are blessed.


~ Teigh McDonough

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