Kegel Exercises – Ten reasons for women to do them all the time.

Kegels are beneficial for everyone, but today I’m interested in talking about how wonderful they are for women.

Here’s the list, read on to find out how to do them and how often you should be in order to get the most benefit.

  1. Mothers to be: make birth easier!
  2. Mothers: get those birthing muscles back in shape!
  3. Non-Mothers: get to know your body!
  4. You don’t want to be wearing depends later.
  5. Hemorrhoids – no one wants them, Kegels keep them away.
  6. Sex feels better for you.
  7. Sex feels better for your partner.
  8. All muscles benefit from exercise.
  9. Kegels are sneaky.
  10. Kegels feel good!

What is a Kegel exercise?  Well, have you ever been in a public restroom and forgotten to lock the stall, only to find a stranger bursting in on you?  You stopped the flow quickly didn’t you?  That’s a Kegel exercise.  If you’re unsure, next time you’re “making water” as my grandma calls it, try stopping and starting a few times.  All there is to it.

Kegels exercise your pelvic floor muscles.  A woman’s bladder is held up by a hammock of muscles.  As you age and have children, these muscles often weaken.  If they get weak enough, then your pelvic organs sink down into your vagina, which is called prolapse.  Not pretty. Kegels also exercise your bottom muscles, which is why they prevent hemorrhoids.  The exercise your sexual muscles as well, giving you much more control in the bedroom.

You of course don’t have to be in the bathroom to do one.  You can be anywhere!  In fact, I might be doing my midday set right now and no one would be the wiser.  Bwahaha.

Here’s when and how.  A note, and I will reiterate this – Kegels are ONLY EFFECTIVE if done regularly.  Studies show that you get literally no benefit from sporadic practice.

Where?Anywhere. You want to be in different positions if possible: sitting, standing, lying down, on your hands and knees, etc.  But the doing is more important than the position.

How often?Three to four times a day. That’s right girls, every day.  You can’t do too many; you’re not going to hurt yourself.  You’ll read things like “Every time you stop at a stoplight.” or “When you drive through a drive through.”  Now how is that regular?  I struggled with Kegels for years following that idea before I finally just made my own schedule that’s easy to follow: breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime.  That’s four times a day and easyto remember, especially if you’re focused on healthy eating.  Kegels are part of your health routine.   You’ll see my schedule below.

How long?10-20 reps and hold for 3-10 seconds.  There is much debate on this. Different doctors say different things and there aren’t any studies to tell us exactly.  I mix mine up so that I’m covered, I suggest you do the same.  The idea is that you’ll hold, then let go, hold, then let go.

The big idea is to make them work for you – so develop your own system and incorporate it into your routine. Maybe it’s easy to remember when you take your brush your teeth, take your vitamins or get dressed – whatever works. Make it regular, make it easy for yourself.  This is important, but should become second nature just like brushing your teeth.  So that’s it!  I know you’re doing a set already.

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