Motivation Monday

We’re starting a new series here on Moving Mama.  Every Monday I’ll be posting things to help you find motivation – quotes, stories, images, whatever.

To start, this week I’ve created some images – kind of like those motivational things that you see around (of course these days you mostly see the ‘demotivational’ kinds of things all over the place.)  Speaking of  “demotivational” images, it makes me realize that we have really become to cynical.  Somewhere in there bettering ourselves has become uncool – I’m thinking right now about all of those Stuart Smiley skits from SNL.   Self improvement is NOT hokey!  It’s a good thing! A few years back I was fortunate enough to hear Mac Anderson speak and to meet him as well.  He’s the guy behind the original posters and the founder of Successories, the company that made and marketed them all over.  It was at a large corporate conference where the idea was to encourage people to do things that would make the company more money. I know I went back to my job after that conference and was more productive! Say what you like, but people get more done when they immerse themselves in positive thinking, and it makes people around them better too.

Take a few to look at the pics below, let me know your thoughts.  Does this kind of thing make you feel more motivated or does it make you roll your eyes?

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