Beautiful Baby at the Grocery Store

Just had throw up a quick post to brag.


We did our grocery store thing today Three grocery stores – there are two discount chains in the Asheville area, one specializes in health foods followed by just a few leftover things at the big box regular grocery store. We scored some buckwheat noodle ramen as a treat for my oldest, spelt bread, a case of soy yogurt and whole wheat/spelt thin bagels for a fraction of their price at the health food store. Did I mention the two cases of my husband’s favorite soda – Zevia – which is no calories but sweetened with stevia. Got them for less than half price. They are his super treat.


We literally got stopped a dozen times for people to marvel at Hermione’s beauty. Seriously – stood in front of the cart so I couldn’t move kind of stopped. She’s just as much a charmer as her brothers were. Even her genetic mutation couldn’t keep the adorable out – I think it’s just making her that much cuter. And we were worried.

This is the definition of a cute baby.

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