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Since I’m up early anyway

I love this blogger – she’s just so honest!

The up early thing, I completely empathize with. Why don’t kids have snooze buttons? But I love how she’s taken that and turned it on its head. This is what life is all about.

Since I’m up early anyways.

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How to start your day like a rockstar

I had to share this blog post – mornings are something that I find can get away from me really easily.  She shares some really common sense things that are terribly practical.

#3 is particularly good. It’s really easy just to wing in through the day, but I often feel like I get lost and waste the precious time that I have.

She’s all about routine, which is so important. We all have routines naturally, even if they just naturally evolved and were not of  our own creation.

Again, a great blog!

How to start your day like a rockstar.

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An interesting idea about McDonald’s . . .

Click this link!

Drive Thru to Good Health, Part One of Two.

This is worth sharing – a definitely different view than the traditional one.  I’m really interested to see where his journey takes him.  I am of course no fan of McDonalds, but Taco Bell certainly calls my name.

Worth some thought most definitely! Is this something you would try? Could the basic idea be incorporated into your own health plan?

If you haven’t seen SuperSize me btw, its’ really worth a look.

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